What color of candle would I use for a spell?

What color do you need

Color plays a significant role in magickal workings. Each color has its own magickal correspondences, and choosing colors associated with the goals of your magick will give your spells & workings a boost. Color can be integrated in many ways -- altar cloths, candles, clothing, ink, cloth charm bags, and even tinting a water offering on your altar.

RED - health, energy, strength,courage, will power, and sexul potency

PINK - love, affection, romance, healing spirt togetherness and spiritual awakening

YELLOW - intellect, power of the mind, confidence, action, creativity, attraction, concentration, and inspiration, stimulation, attraction, sudden changes, control, power, to draw good things, change luck

GREEN - abundance, fertility, generosity, money, wealth, marriage, balance, success, renewal

BLUE - truth, wisdom, occult power, protection, happiness, peace, understanding, patience

PURPLE - success, higher psychic ability, honors, protection, drive evil awy, divination

BROWN - attract money, financial success, concentration, balance, intuition, ESP, study

BLACK - binding negative forces, protection, releasing, reversing, repel dark magic

WHITE - purity, power of higher nature, sincerity, wholeness, spirituality, truth

MAGENTA - quick changes, exorcism, spiritual healing

INDIGO - meditation, nuetralize anothers magic, stop gossip, balance out karma

GOLD - great fortune, intuition, understanding, fast luck, male diety powers

SILVER - removes negative power, meditation, victory, psychic abilities, female deity powers

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